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  • brightshiningreflection brightshiningreflection Dec 13, 2003 1:21 AM Flag

    chevy---you there boy?


    Check out the AP story:

    "REDMOND, Wash. (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. will stop offering support services next month for computer users whose machines are still running Windows 98, though the company said it might still release security patches if threats appear serious enough."

    Yup, another group of customers left high and dry. Just upgrade to a perpetual-payment system and we'll fix you up.

    Fair? Why not--that's business. "About 20 percent of all Windows-based computers still run Windows 95 or 98, according to International Data Corp., a technology market research firm." So, what's that market going to do? Buy WinXP for their underpowered machines? Nope--doubt it. Develop an increasing love for Bill G. and Redmond, WA? Nope, I doubt that too. I think they're just the next recruits to a fully functional, more secure and cost effective OS: linux.

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    • Oh clueless wonder said this --> How many differnet desktops and different application menus will people have to learn if there are 20 different linux shells and apps written by 100 differnet people?<--

      Actually, they learn the one they like (as in choice) and run it any way they want to. A worker doesn't have to learn 20 different shells. They turn on their thin client, log in and the server gives them the exact same thing every time. If they change jobs, they talk to the sysadmin, and walla - its running just like they want!

      As to apps written by 100's of people, do you know what the staff of Symatec or Microsoft is? 100's of people (if not 1000's) all writting to one standard, just like all the MicroStupid employees do!

      (Strong Sell because there isn't a "stock scam" button)

    • <<
      Fah - in the words of W. C. Fields: "Go away kid, you bother me."

      The better WC quote is "Get this kid away from me, he has been drinking my lunch"



    • << ... because they are acting like little children >>

      You got it in one br3n.

      And you're quite welcome. ;-)

    • << For those (including chevy) who have repeatedly said that we on this board who oppose SCO for our various personal and individual reasons are "zealots, terrorists, criminals and thugs," I invite you to click on the link below for chevyfanz2001's wonderful and cogent representations of the contrary view. >>

      korbomite, you are truly priceless.

    • thanks for the vote of confidence but i did lose it one day
      but the guys like you helped me get back on track quick
      i try to not take things personally but swearing people i usually tell them they need to go to bed without supper because they are acting like children
      just old fashioned i guess
      dont think i am prudish well maybe a little
      thanks again

    • <sarcasm>
      Oh, chevy...what a wonderful representative of the intellectual and moral superiority of the typical SCO long you are!!!!

      You just make my little heart go pitty-pat!!!

      For those (including chevy) who have repeatedly said that we on this board who oppose SCO for our various personal and individual reasons are "zealots, terrorists, criminals and thugs," I invite you to click on the link below for chevyfanz2001's wonderful and cogent representations of the contrary view.

      Way to go, chevy!!!


    • >> There are obvouis winners who have made the migration, but my thoughts suggest it's not so easy to say that for every company. regardless of the cost of the OS. I tend to think start up are the biggest targets for Linux, coversions are costly and labor intensive and may overcome the free price of linux, now ad a potential license cost to linux and the case gets weaker for linux.<<

      Once again, you are referring to unfounded, old and debunked pseudo-'research' funded by M$ and so bad that it is repeatedly denied in public by the company paid to do the so-called 'research.'

      ...that is, unless you have links to the contrary? Didn't think so.

      Linux is the standard of choice and a business accelerator for everyone from Dell to HP, and of course, IBM as resellers, and MOST if not all of the Fortune 500 and the Global 1000...or do you think that it is just a co-incidence that that is Darl's mailing list for his extortion letters? Just because you and the SCUMX management and the other losers out there are too stupid to make the Free/Libre Open Source and Linux models work economically, when the M$ tax on EVERY Intel box made now amounts to 60% of the total cost to the customer, doesn't mean EVERYBODY is that fact you (those too stupid to figure it out) are becoming the distinct minority in the server room and worrying enough to M$ on the desktop that they are funding this illegal stock scam.


    • << Yes, Whitefang does get abusive at times. >>

      Yes, I do. However, I do make an effort to restrict my "abusiveness" to shills, trolls, people who comment negatively in general etc.

      And sometimes I do misfire at someone whom doesn't deserve it. When I do, I immediately apologise.

      I have a serious problem with genetic based depression. So I'm usually at my most 'abrasive' when the meds are wearing off. It's a real problem and I try to control it as much as possible.

      Dio - if you see me being abusive of someone who doesn't meet my criteria above, please feel free to post and let me know. I'll be happy to review the situation and apologise as appropriate.

      As for Chevyfanz - I tend to have very little patience with people who won't extend themselves to making 'good faith' efforts to find the facts of something. I've seen _way_ too many responses from other people pointing out his logical flaws and uninformed statements. He really is lucky that I have no interest in actively critiqueing him. -hehehe- He's just too easy of a target.

      I was, however, mildy annoyed about his dismissal of br3n as not qualifying as a typical user. And I don't think I was the only one.


    • >>what is so truly new and innovative about linux that it's a must have for everyone? What I've seen it's really just another version of Unix. Oh yeah ofcourse it is. That's SCO's point.<<

      No, it is not...UNIX^TM is UNIX^TM, Linux is Linux...oldSCO said as much m any times, as did Darl himself, before the suit was filed. Lest we forget, what prompted the suit was IBM saying they wouldn't be fully developing or re-licensing UNIX^TM, but, rather, would dedicate their new development efforts to Linux, vice Sys6 (whenever THAT comes) because Caldera couldn't seem to get it's act together and actually code a Sys6--meanwhile, Linux does things (especially, now with the 2.5/2.6 kernel) that UNIX^TM can only dream about.

      What I am SURE you MEANT to say, chevy, is that both UNIX^TM and Linux are POSIX compliant, to varying degrees, as is Windows NT (but not yet XP or 2K3, since M$ has yet to see fit to get them certified by the certifying authority).

      NOTE: UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.


    • << Lookie here WhiteyFag. >>


      Tut, tut. Here's another area where br3n exceeds your meager, uninformed capabilities.

      She never resorts to name calling and swearing then she replies strongly to someone. She has class.

      Really, you need to grow up. You're just going to give yourself a coronary this way.

      -hehehe- Your infantile explosions bother me not. If I get under your skin so much, just put me on ignore. Simple, easy and much less aggravation for you.

      As for putting my money where my mouth is, I never raised the issue or even asked if you were long or short on SCOX. Another example of a statement from you which is not germane to any argument. Like many people here, I list Strong Sell because there is no button for "Radioactive Biohazard - Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!"

      As I've told you before. Get a life and learn to do real research before spouting off. Your 'buttons' are so easy to push it's a wonder you haven't gone postal in meat life already.

      Fah - in the words of W. C. Fields: "Go away kid, you bother me."

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