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  • moonrealestate2000 moonrealestate2000 Jan 5, 2004 9:20 AM Flag

    what sco needs by jan11th part 1

    >>The no-brainer is they are going to claim all the enterprise features: RCU, JFS, NUMA, RCU as IBM infringements. <<

    ==But scox doesn't have that unix code, only linux. That's why scox wanted the aix source. If scox gives the court linux code, ibm will ask: "where's your unix code, the code that you say ibm copied into linux?"==

    Doug Michels, CEO of "orginal SCO" once said it would take 3 month to reengineer and implement Linux features on SCO Unix. He was only afraid of a Linux "killer application", thus he developed the LKP. Now "counterfeit SCO" got the DYNIX/PTX and AIX Code during discovery. Perhaps they just need more time?