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  • gmns888 gmns888 Jan 10, 2005 11:41 AM Flag

    keep shorting you stupid asses...

    longs will win this one....

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    • Please let us know what makes you think that the stock will be going up? From my reading of the quarterly financials of SCO and their legal documents they have some serious issues (what an understatement) that need to be resolved in order to even think about producing an updated product. They have shown themselves to be more than willing to sue their own customers, make statements about copyright infringements in public (but not show what is infringing in a court of law under oath).

      Please let us uninformed people know what public knowledge (and where) would lead us to change our minds about this company.

    • Just for your information, here are people who just want to see the company fail with their evil plain WITHOUT RUINING THEIR ONW KARMA by profiting from it in either way. So please keep your insults with yourself.

      Of course, if there were puts availiable, I would be tempted...

    • It's not going to be easy to short more at these levels. Since shorting scox is the surest bet on wall-street, it only stands to reason that scox is always shorted to the max - has been for a long time.