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  • inymical inymical Nov 10, 2005 5:11 PM Flag

    Deep in the bowels of the MSFT campus..

    <Of course, a case could easely be made that someone leaked it and the story was just an excuse to hide the leak in a plausible way. But I wouldn't say it's more likely then the way the story presents it.>

    There are within Sony employees who are probably more incensed about this than any of us.

    It's dangerously close to being on topic, but:
    "Armonk, NY, November 9, 2005 � IBM, Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.,
    (Sony and SCEI together referred to as �Sony Group�) today announced the release of new software
    components and documentation achieved through the STI joint project - including extensions to
    Linux � that support Cell programming - for the groundbreaking Cell Broadband EngineTM
    Architecture (CBEA) technology."