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  • bilbungalo bilbungalo Dec 1, 2006 12:25 PM Flag

    Just bought 5000 people

    are crazy...look at MOVI and Delphi in the last year....nothing sells off that quickly and doesn't make another run in the near term....look for $1.50 next week. I think $1.20 is bottom

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    • Yes there may be a small bounce back to the $1.60+ range but I think you want to begin selling when $1.50-$1.60 range is hit or just before the PSJ oral briefs are up for oral hearing. There really is no (long term) upside in a company whose management appears to be more interested in suing its (former) customers and partners than producing better products.

    • There's lots more than that available, man! Go! Go! Go! Sometimes you just gotta go deeply into debt to take full advantage of an opportunity like this. If you're tapped out as far as the legitimate banks are concerned, I'm sure there are various outfits doing business out of the back of a Cadillac nearby. All that stuff they say about breaking arms and stuff only applies if you don't pay up. Clearly, based on what you say, that won't be an issue for you!

      Are you going to do an infomercial dressed in white slacks and a Hawaiian shirt about your new life on easy street when you're done? This is really exciting!

    • One born every minute....

    • Really, you should have put every penny you had into it. You still can, you know. Hurry, before the weekend! Put EVERYTHING YOU HAVE into SCOX(E)! You know you want to. You know you NEED to. You know that deep down inside, you have fantasies. You know, fantasties of you... and Darl... and a gerbil. Well, if you buy enough stock that you become a high percentage, Darl just might take notice of you.

      It could start off innocently enough: a phone call from the hunk himself to personally tell you how much he appreciates your stupid^H^H^H^H^H^Hsavvy investment skills. Perhaps he could offer you a tour of SCO's trailer^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hcorporate hi-rise? Next, he could invite you for "lunch"-- a working lunch, with a bit of champagne. Just a bit. Oops, did we really drink that whole bottle? Oh well, might as well go for it, and order another. And another.

      Darl then picks up his cell phone, and dials. "Hold all calls and messages for me until monday," he says, and hangs up.

      He then looks at you and smiles, and says point-blank to you: "Would you like to go back to my place? I'd like to thank you in a very non-public way."

      You reply, shyly, "Gee, I dunno... I ummm..." but Darl interjects: "It's nothing to worry about. I have a briefcase full of millions of lines of code I want to show you, and only you."

      You cannot resist.

      On the ride home, you pop a stiffy and cannot quite figure out why. Could it just be the alcohol? You look over at Darl and notice he has a stiffy too.

      You arrive at Darl's dumpster^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hapartm^H^H^H^H^H three story mansion and he escorts you inside. He tells you, "I'll be right back."

      He does return, within moments, wearing nothing but a stock certificate!

      He looks at you and says, "I always try to reward my best investors"... and the rest, well, I'll let you dream.


      Thanks for reading.

    • Sell your blood, kids, pimp your wife and maybe you can buy 15,000 more shares. If you are lucky you might be able to get out at about $0.50 next week and before scumx gets delisted.

    • And you've already lost $150 looking at the delayed chart.


    • I noticed that some sellers are offering 50-60 share lots - was actually considering buying for purpose of framing and hanging as motivational memento next to my commode.

    • Ah, someone who hasn't been paying attention.

      With their case gutted, facing massive IBM counterclaims, Novell counterclaims, and Lanham act claims by Red Hat, you honestly expect this company to even exist this time next year?

    • >>are crazy...look at MOVI and Delphi in the last year....nothing sells off that quickly and doesn't make another run in the near term....look for $1.50 next week. I think $1.20 is bottom <<

      Most things don't go down that quickly unless

      1) They ruined their business model by hooking the whole kit and kaboodle to the hopes of a specious (at best) lawsuit


      2) They're hovering near a large black hole


      3) You're SCOX and you've found the perfect storm of both.

    • I think you just bought some expensive tuition.

      Be sure and make the most of it.