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  • merkey.terminator merkey.terminator Jun 21, 2012 6:25 PM Flag

    USL Trivia

    Why did Novell gave away the name Unix and why did it settle the case againts BSDI and UCB?

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    • Why did Novell give away the name Unix and why did it settle the case against BSDI and UCB?

      Because Ray Noorda was losing his mind:

      "The company also confirmed published reports that Mr. Noorda was suffering from memory lapses. It said that an executive search was under way and that Mr. Noorda was expected to stay on as chairman, focusing principally on strategic issues."

    • Ty Mattingly, Day 5 kind of gives us a flavor for what was
      going on inside Novell's head in those days:

      "... but more importantly for Novell was to try and get a
      common UNIX platform out there on Intel so that there was a viable
      alternative to what MICROSOFT was offering that was eroding NetWare away
      aggressively ... there would have been nothing better for Novell than if
      SCO had been very successful with this UNIX business that they had
      acquired in successfully unifying the entire industry around their UNIX
      offering on X86 architecture. If they could have done that, that would
      have eroded our revenue streams here from this SVRX old royalties. But
      in the greater STRATEGIC contest, that would have been a FANTASTIC
      TRADEOFF for Novell."

      Basically, Ty was admitting that Novell was a complete failure at doing
      anything useful with UNIX, and it was grasping at straws by
      giving away UNIX with the hope that others could succeed where it
      had failed.

      Not exactly the strategy that will lead to the purchase of
      a Hawaiian Island.