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  • bad.gnome69 bad.gnome69 May 12, 2010 4:58 PM Flag

    Some of you all

    has been asking what reccommendatshions I had for this quarter, well here's my news letter I put out March 31:

    Yo peeps:

    Its been 3 months since I reached out to give you my recs, here are my tips for next quarter:

    1. Big corn: Most you're portfolio should stay short corn, June delivery, crops no good, MACD and Bolls point bearish. If you need a hedge you may try soy beans.

    2. Short pork bellys starting next week, combonation of fundamentals and technicals.

    3. Short RIMM but be careful, you missed a lot of the move already. Look at stochastics, revise model daily, this is dangerous stock.

    4. Short TSRA, broke thru resistence, going straight down.

    5. Fade FAZ, triple bear is not in fashion.

    6. Buy S&P the resession is over folks, get over it.

    7. Big inflation man. Don't be caught in bonds your purchasing power will decline, equities only big stocks try Consolodated Edison if you need safety or Duke Energy.

    8. Buy SPY and QQQQ calls. Charts don't lie only people do. Gann couldn't get these wrong, this is bulls winning the day.

    9. Tax season: Buy muni bonds, no tax on interest, can save you millions. Use good citys they may default. New York is not stable. Topeka Kansas is strong, they now have google et. setera.

    OVERALL MESSAGE: Tilt fund towards long bias, short major techs but be carful, main profit center is commodities. As a bonus you could try coffee but if you haven't spend years on it its too dangerous for you, NO AMATURES on coffee.


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    • I think he's using Iraqi Dinars, not US dollars...."betting $100 million on gold" my ass...then compares himself to "Bufet" (Warren Buffett), LOL...what a loon!

    • Move the market? I'm still waiting for you to move the market from January. Ignore my posts all you want but you talked all big and bad, were gonna run TSRA down to 4, loaded up on 7.50 puts, then had a problem with your broker... release of liablity over market orders... can't locate enough shares... think they can do it on wednesday... then made a bad coffee trade because you couldn't read a chart... lost 1/3 (!!!) of your assets... then had to get your margin extended... then... then... then...

      Who risks 1/3 of their assets when they can't read a chart? Thats some nerve accusing people of being 'retailers' with the history you have.

      Still waiting for you to crush me with your capital. WHAT HAPPENED THERE???

      Go away little boy. You talk all big and bad but you got nuthin. Once again this is classic overcompensation for your little penis. Now if you would give mommy her computer back, she can order your pull-ups so you don't mess yourself when you crap your little drawers.


    • You'd have problems moving your bowels. Even with all that corn.

    • I ain't investor patent but he's a bud and he can vouch for my massive corn wheat and gold trades, HE KNOWS I MOVE THE MARKET

    • TSRA was up 15%-20% in the next month, anybody who listened would have stopped out after realizing what an asinine call that was.

      RIMM - Missed most of the move down? lol No gap down until AFTER 3/31. And if you called it after the gap down, thats even more moronic. Call the short after it dumps. lol Would be ~break even today.

      FAZ not in fashion? Man thats some brilliant technical analysis.

      No targets, no time frames, no reasoning, nothing. nobody with half a brain would listen to your amateur ass. One would think you could at least doctor it up with some nice trades. I couldn't care less about your commodity trades and calling for index calls in an up market is something my 5 year old can do.

      Nice newsletter DOOOSH BAG

      (oh yea - Nobody asked)

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