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  • novellafrizzell novellafrizzell Feb 22, 2011 1:10 PM Flag

    Tessera Terminates Amkor License

    I love how the article "Tessera Terminates Amkor License" portrays TSRA. Sell TSRA, then read it here.

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    • Do people get money for generating those views of uninformative sites?

      But somebody started the topic, so I'll put some remarks here.

      I presume that Amkor was one of the licesnees that stopped paying, so that would have left Tessera little option but to announce termination of the license. But there's another reason, hsaving to do with the WRAM ITC action. There was a very strange bit of reasoning in there: even though more parts covered by Tessera patents were imported than license fees were paid, because they were packaged by a Tessera licensee there was no actionable infringement. The licensee would figure to have been Amkor. Tessera management has stated that they believe all the packages covered by the expired key patents are also covered by subsequent patents and/or depend on Tessera trade secrets. Cancelling Amkor's license takes that strange "doctrine of exhaustion" weapon out of respondents' arsenal in future enforcement actions.

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