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  • jacosa jacosa Aug 20, 2012 11:30 AM Flag

    At least they said SOMETHING about $20MM

    “As previously announced, we intend to seek an amount in excess of $125 million in connection with the ICC’s interim award,” stated Richard Chernicoff, president of Tessera Intellectual Property Corp. “We believe that litigation tactics are driving Amkor’s decision to only pay this partial amount at this time, and we will continue to vigorously pursue our right to recover the full amount due.”

    It sounds to me like they anticipate the possibility that with the license (that mandated arbitration) cancelled, Amkor may be maneuvering to get this dispute moved to the courts (which take forever). But of course Tessera has already said more than they've told us to expect from them. Chernicoff will probably spend the next week with tape over his mouth.

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    • <Chernicoff will probably spend the next week with tape over his mouth>

      Nice call MORON

      Do you really think Chernicoff issued a ****TSRA**** press release without the CEO's approval?

      Looks to me like AMKR is feeling the pressure by making early payments.

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      • My dearest darling; I doubt that Amkor wants to risk an arbitration award "in excess of $125 million." (And when Tessera says that, I think the number they are projecting is a few times 125, not a few more than it). I doubt very much that Amkor are being obedient children and paying the minimum possible amount immediately in hope that their polite behavior will lighten the total penalty. Whatever is going on, Amkor is trying to put a cap on their penalty, or if not to cap it, to delay it.

        We are indeed fortunate, in view of Tessera's developing non-communication policy, that a few words more than the barest minimum were included in the press release.

        And yes, the Earth moved for me, too.


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