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  • jacosa jacosa Feb 7, 2013 6:30 PM Flag

    Punk CC 2/7/13

    What can I say? I guess a lot of lines were less worse than a straight-line projection would have dictated. Absolutely NOTHING about legal matters, which are awfully important for the company. They are only sampling MEMS devices, when we were promised an actual customer by now (That speaks more to past over-optimism than present difficulties). The very high level projections of what business might look like in the future came across as management making a half-hearted effort to combat a perception that "If they won't tell us anything, it must be bad." Only question was from Krish Sankar...the fact that he asked it himself was probably the highlight of the CC.

    I'll be sad to see silent air cooling go. It was never going to be a big business, but it was the first technically feasible implemtntation of an idea that hadn't panned out numerous times over many years. Something to boast about. And there IS a sort of Moore's law of increasing power density (with a much smaller exponent). Plenty of hand-held devices run warm already.

    They remain vague about the distinction between "Tessera Intellectual Property" and "Invensas." I'm GUESSING that the former relates to connection densities up to 10 per sq mm or so, and the latter relates to very high connection densities. Or maybe to patents granted before a year ago and newer ones (basically same difference).

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    • Being an ex thermal engineer, I've been interested in their "silent cooling" technology, but was never able to find anything that described it in detail online - anyone know of technical papers or reports that describe how it works? Might be worth passing along to my old employers.....

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