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  • jacosa jacosa Feb 19, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

    mems|cam announcement

    They're for sale. I didn't look at a spec sheet, but the image sensor is capable of 8 MPxl if you light all of its roughly 4 1/2 mm sq active area. At least one OEM on-board.

    Somebody check me on this, but it seemed implicit in the announcement that the technology package may be available for license ("DOC’s mems|cam components provide micron-level precision for greater focus accuracy, leveraging the benefits of semiconductor processing at major wafer foundries."). The list price of $25 in 10K quantities looks high to me, supporting stories about yield limitations.

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    • Now I HAVE read the spec sheets, along with looking at presentations on the DOC web site. Impressive, but a slightly different story than I had expected. Sure enough, the full 8 Megapixels the sensor is capable of. But thinness is less of a selling point than we'd been led to believe. Seems that with present image sensor technology and the expected level of image quality, a camera has to be 5mm deep anyway, and a VCM CAN be fit into that. But next year sensors will probably permit a thinner camera, and MEMS will certainly be able to follow and it's unlikely that VCM can. So anyway.

      Big selling points therefore are speed and power consumption. In-focus video demands something like a 15 ms focus time, which is easy with MEMS and not achieved with VCM. And while a VCM camera is focusing, it draws tens of milliwatts, which is significant for both battery life and camera module heating; MEMS draws almost nothing.

      I know practically nothing about other approaches to replacing VCM for miniature camera autofocus, so it'd sure be nice if someone who knows the competition would post something.

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