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  • one_world_one_govt one_world_one_govt Jun 7, 2008 6:05 PM Flag

    Who is behind the local unrest?

    I am suspicious whether those who have millions at risk shorting MFN could be involved in financing and promoting this local unrest....It certainly would not be the first time....Lets face it...A huge short under these circumstances looks like a suckers bet unless they know something nobody else does.

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    • How long will they blocade the mine? If it takes months....ahh!!!

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      • Blockade has already ended.. MFN is just working with Federal, and local officials to have a plan in place to try to deal with it swiftly if the protesters start things up again..

        Note that talking to IR today, the outsiders are mostly politically motivated left-wing types, the local community is strongly behind the mine, and in fact the temporary blockade hurt them too, as it's the same road that supplies the village with supplies..

        Hopefully, this is more a bump in the road than a major issue, we'll see..

        Fact is no matter where in the world you try to mine, there's always some opposition to it, and that includes 'safe' countries like the US or Canada..

      • ohhhh hedgie,

        you just can't hold a good short down....

        you better hope they bitch slap gold on the comex today, else your toast.

    • I was thinking what sort of Banana republic would allow a group of people to illegally blockade the road to the Dolores mine. Then I read this following story.

      From the Goldeandmail June 08 2008 "OSHAWA, Ont. — Canadian Labour Congress president Ken Georgetti pledged the support of his 3.2 million members to General Motors workers in Oshawa, Ont., on Sunday as their round-the-clock blockade of the company's Canadian headquarters entered its fifth day."

      Guess this thing is not so strange after all. I'd really shit if some 3 million member union came out in support of the Dolores blockade. Maybe the federation of Mexican extortion workers LOL...

    • i wont speculate on a short hedgie being behind supposed unrest in mexico, but i would (effectively have) lay money on short hedgie's paid posters attempting to make a big deal out of it here on the MB.

      keep it up hedgie, i still have buy stops in on weakness.

      enjoy listening to puplava's discussion with john doody this past week