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  • max_mclone max_mclone Jun 9, 2008 10:08 AM Flag

    Who is behind the local unrest?

    ohhhh hedgie,

    you just can't hold a good short down....

    you better hope they bitch slap gold on the comex today, else your toast.

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    • I am no short I can assure you. I am buying my friend. Minefinders is stupidly cheap by evey friggin metric you can value a goldstock by. I have no idea why it is this friggin cheap. The mine will earn something like the entire market capitalization of MFN in something like 3 years....ridiculously undervalued. When this moves, it will make the shorts heads spin around like Regan in The Exorcist. there.

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      • One more thing: I make a lot of money investing in gold and silver stocks, enough to have retired from my regular "job" as a lawyer of 25 years. I was on Seabridge last summer when it went from 15 to 30. I was on AUY several years ago, when it went from 3.70 to 10 bucks, and I still own it. I also have made nice chunks in the silver stocks over the years, and by this I mean PAAS< SSRI AND SLW; I still own AUY and KGC, a terrific stock, and both of which will be up over 50% from their current prices by year end. HOWEVER, it only makes sense to take a shot with a younger, emerging producer. The juniors will not stay down forever, and when the hot money comes back, I expect MFN to be the number one mover. One of the best mining jurisdictions around, Just a little positive trading volume and it should rocket higher. It reminds me of SA (an explorer) of last summer, with its tiny market cap. Watch what happens with just a smidgen of buying volume. This unfortunate sit in at Delores has been resolved and the mine is moving ahead. It probably cost MFN about 10% of market cap decline, but heck, I have been the boutique hedge fund types...

      • kevin, now that MFN is starting production, the thread will get a lot more posts, but the quality of them will drop. For now I'd suggest just putting the idiots on ignore. I hope it never becomes like the CDE thread.

      • i wasnt responding specifically to you but to the thread generally.

        long and strong