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  • eye4value eye4value Apr 21, 2010 4:13 PM Flag

    major support

    the way I read the mfn chart tells me we are sitting on a major support level right now. If it doesn't hold I'm going to stick my head in the sand for a few months to preserve my sanity (or at least what's left of it). There is something going on with the sell side here that I clearly don't understand. It could be as simple as a fund with a large position wanting out because they think they have a better place to invest their money.

    One thing that bugs me, and if any mfn management reads this post they might want to investigate, is that all this stock weakness started right after their latest board meeting. Do we have a leaky ship here guys?

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    • My hypothesis is similar. Even if Q1 numbers are near target, the target is very modest. Also it seems apparent that some institutions are exiting. With Q1 expectations moderate and the summer doldrums coming up I suspect they may think they canget better traction with investments elsewhere for a few months. I suspect they may be right but I'm not going to play that timing game as I still feel hopeful this valuation will get more in line even if we have to wait a couple quarters.

    • Maybe the stock is being naked shorted?...Afterall counterfeiting of wealth in the USA is legal...As long as you are an insider.