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  • evansken99 evansken99 Jan 23, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    PAAS is undervalued

    The more I look at paas, I believe it's undervalued. It has a PE of 7 - SLW is 19.It got approval to use sodium cyanide at it's mine in Argentina last Friday which was a huge plus. Even if we all don't get the cash option, we still may do okay, especially if silver goes up or at least stays above $28.

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    • I respectfully disagree that Pan American is undervalued. Pan American has parallels to MFN. Management issues have caused the PPS to be kept lower due to risks that they bring. (There are other factors too, but management is part of the problem) Clearly Pan American is less risky in some ways because they have more mines in multiple countries. On the other side, the countries that Pan American are in are extremely risky due to possible government takeover and other political issues that come with them.

    • If individual investors demonstrate poor judgement in sticking with this turd what does it say about a company that buys the whole pile of manure?

    • Yes PAAS looks very undervalued if Navidad can be developed (they got green light for another project, in different province) and Argentina doesn't go Chavez way. Do these two Ifs make one Yes? It's difficult to say, imho.