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  • eitzenschild eitzenschild Apr 20, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    It's All About the Dilution

    I would encourage shareholders who interact with the company to focus at least a portion of the questions on R&D needs versus dilution. Doesn't matter which board you're on, take up the cause with me. I have no deeper insights than most of you but I believe we're in a bit of a race here with time.

    1) India can't be helped; it wasn't the best path with hindsight and everyone involved would acknowledge that.
    2) Partnerships seemingly have been resisted in the past---unless money is injected from future partnerships, I personally don't see how this company can fund itself just on government grants.
    3) Will Hep C treatment really make a difference versus what appears to be pretty good (or good enough anyways) drugs? Is is a proving ground in reality for cancer?
    4) We can all do simple math; as we approach the threshold of getting or going over 300M shares, what's the tradeoff? a few more years of research and we are looking at 500M shares; not, not acceptable in light of the slower than expected (at least by me) progress
    5) The platform works, that I believe in; now, does the MATH work? Board of Directors, I hope you're doing the calculation

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    • Why don,t you shut the **** up If you don,t like the stock sell and get the **** offf the board. Does that make you feel goog if the stock would fall what gratification do you get!! get a tighter grip with your hands

    • eitzen, at some point there will be a reverse split to get the shares under control. Split will probably in the order of one for 10 [1/10].

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    • 1. India was a cheaper and faster path to proof. By-product was in-vivo documentation to support FDA requests.
      2. If market share increases as a result of positive news which is a product of current scientific results, then they can fund themselves.
      3. SOC Hep-C treatments are not pretty good, when a majority of the population who start them can't finish them, or don't react with positive immune response.
      4. 500 mil. shares is already on the table, it was voted upon last year. Johnson & Johnson, currently has 2.8 billion shares outstanding, why don't they pull that back? They have the money. This point is only a concern for your shares, not the overall picture of protection against someone swooping in and purchasing the company before it gains value.
      5. Is not a point.

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      • 2 Replies to john_raker
      • I would say this in response:

        India was supposed to be cheaper and faster but in reality it has not proven that way. I think if you investigate further you'd find that in hindsight the company ran into a lot of unforeseen obstacles---and I'm not blaming them---that delayed the program beyond what Europe would have been. HIndsight is perfect but the reality is we're sitting on a problem of dilution because of the long delays.

        I'd agree with you that IF the news WITHOUT money attached brings in high expectations and runs the stock higher, dilution is nearly the problem it is now. However, the market has looked at the Hemopurifier for a few years, listened to the broad-spectrum capabilities and the likelihood of approval and will not bid up the price.

        Hep C treatments appear to be improving all the time. Perhaps Aethlon can improve it but if we're really facing drugs that can drop viral levels down in 8 weeks without dialysis, many will choose that option sans HP. Gilead and the other one appear to be in a race for a new standard of drug therapy alone.

        HIV potential alone should have made this share price worth a few bucks. Hep C, a bit more; CANCER alone should have driven this share price to a few bucks. Sepsis? a bit more. "getting the story out there" may be part of the problem but the real problem seems to me to be no money is ever attached to the announcements or if it is, it's pennies per share on a yearly basis (the recent announcement is worth, what, 8 or 9 million maybe of the total amount over several years? That's literally 2 cents or less per yer per share. But we're goin' it alone...we need money not "potential"

        I regret I don't understand your point about the 500M shares on the table. Yes, they've been authorized, no they are not issued. BUT as one other poster stated, there are 300M shares on a fully diluted basis. The J&J comment is not relevant to me; they are a standalone company. I hope the best for all of us, truly

      • Thank you John_Raker, well put! If we don't succeed, company fails, the dilution or no dilution will mean nothing in the long run because the stock will be worthless.

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