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  • rent4la rent4la Jun 7, 2013 7:43 PM Flag

    FDA grants priority review status to Gilead's hepatitis C drug

    Can anybody explain, this is bad for AEMD or good????

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    • This could be a good thing if the HP is used in conjunction with the Gilead drug/ It may help reduce the Gilead dosage and possible side effects, if any, due to over dosage. JMHO

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      • You actually are asking a very key and important question. If I understand Gilead's drug correctly, we have a drug that claims over 90% cure rate with no interfeuron toxicity. I'm no expert but the question I have is if this is the only toxicity to worry about, does this change the AEMD proposition for Hep C? Maybe. Of course some folks point out that it would be cheaper to use the Hemopurifier because it would take the viral count down quicker. I hope so. However, if cost is the only hammer (and maybe it's not, I really don't know) because toxicity is less of an issue for the majority, will people really go through the HP process to save money? Who decides that? Them? Obamacare? the insurance carrier? I don't think we know that yet.

        Hep C was posited as something that needed curing without toxicity. IF Gilead or the two others can do that for 90% of the people, will these folks swallow more pills over time or go through the HP process? If not, we're left with maybe 10% of an admittedly large market (sadly). Not quite the same proposition. I worry that Hep C goes the way of HIV which has disappeared from sight as a revolutionary treatment application. It does make me wonder if given the talk several years ago of spinning off Exosomes subsidiary if cancer isn't the real bet here now and everything else is paling in comparison. I hope that's not the case but your question deserves a lot of scrutiny on this board and from the company's presentation. I have yet to hear the company talk about Gilead's solution directly but maybe I've missed something. And if there are 3 competitors in the running including Gilead, one of them surely should want the HP device to aid them. If not, I'd ask why not?

      • I believe Gilead is using a five drug cocktail with their treatment and BMS has a 3 drug these are combo, I believe or maybe vice versa. I know they are combo's w/o interferon but if the HP could get somewhere in this mix reducing dosages, lessening the combination mix maybe both I believe we could fit in really well with these treatment protocols. I also think treatment with the HP in combination would greatly reduce the cost of treatment and under the monstrosity OBamaCare we might just find a benefit since ObamaCare will do anything to lower cost especially since it has actually done just the opposite from what they had promised. We all know how much Pharma treatments can be for such things as cancer, Hep C ect... The HP by cutting treatment times, dosages and maybe even some of the combo drugs while cutting cost could become a treatment of choice in concert with Meds by Drs, Insurance Cos', and ObamaCare review/death panels.

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