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  • hiiammax hiiammax Aug 1, 2014 1:10 PM Flag

    Where's Waldo?

    Not a peep from us. Why did we bother testing for Ebola?
    Ebola vaccine might be coming, but where has it been?
    They are fast tracking it with the FDA.

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    • If I had Ebola I would be banging down our door. Does anyone have a serious explanation as to why we seem invisible to the media? The governments of these countries should be contacting us. On a different subject... Awesome job CTSO and Chan. Way to execute on a plan. Hopefully we can merge one day. Jmho

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    • Did Aethlon Test For Ebola ?
      How much is hype ?
      I am holding on for a yes to the first above but need to keep eyes open !!

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      • 1 Reply to bowden.louis
      • Was followup USAMRIID evaluation completed?

        "Initial collaborative efforts between the CDC and Aethlon Medical have investigated the ability
        of the Hemopurifier® to clear the Zaire strain of Ebola virus (Z-EBOV) and a more cytopathic
        mutant strain of the same virus (Z-EBOVMut). Tissue culture fluid (TCF) from virus-infected
        monkey kidney (Vero E6) and human macrophages—the early target of viral infection that
        produces large quantities of progeny virus—were recirculated through a small-scale
        Hemopurifier® at 1 ml/min, and the clearance capacity was assessed by ELISA and PCR. This
        experiment demonstrated that the Hemopurifier® effectively removes both tested strains of the
        EBOV from cell culture fluid (t1/2 20 min to 2 hr). This device also removed soluble viral
        glycoproteins, which are found in large quantities both in infected cultures and in the blood of
        acutely infected patients (t1/2 30 min). The relatively small size of the glycoproteins allowed
        them to diffuse across the hollow-fiber membrane faster than the viral particles. All these
        preliminary data indicates the Hemopurifier® has the potential to be advanced as a fast-acting
        post-exposure countermeasure against filoviruses. The efficacy of the Hemopurifier® in vivo is
        planned to be evaluated at USAMRIID with experimentally infected nonhuman primates."

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