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  • goldiskey goldiskey Oct 9, 2002 6:38 PM Flag

    Saddam Hussein is an Ugly, Evil Monster

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    "Saddam Hussein has been complaining for years that the US Air Force and the British Air Force have been flying war planes over his country and, when they get the urge, drop some bombs or fire some missiles at Iraqi installations. The United States say they are only firing and bombing in self-defense, because the Iraqis either fire at them, or train their radars on them, which is a signal they might fire. The United States has been saying they have been doing this under UN Resolution 688 which was passed in 1991 to protect Iraqi citizens from military attacks by their government. Now I have checked into this and discovered that the �no-fly zones� we have been bombing all these years have been for �humanitarian reasons.� France, which in 1991 participated in the aerial protection of the Kurds in the north and the Shi-ites in the southern �no-fly zone� decided to stop when there was no evidence that Iraq was engaging in military attacks and if they did, there would be more than no-fly zones. I�ve also learned that UN General Secretary Kofi Annan has stated on several occasions that there is NO authority by the United Nations for the US and Brits to be flying around in Iraqi air space, let alone bombing Iraq, destroying Iraqi property and killing Iraqi citizens.

    The Russian government, as a matter of fact, on Monday announced that continued United States bombing of Iraq is making diplomacy difficult in working out details to get the weapons inspectors back into the country. The Pentagon has been stepping up the bombings and the overflights, it seems, hoping the Iraqis will get lucky and shoot one of the planes down. This would be a clear signal for a massive bombing campaign and invasion. The U.S. Secretary of War, Donald Rumsfeld, who used to be called the Secretary of Defense, has pooh-poohed the Russian complaints, and now announced for the first time that the US and British airplanes can fly anywhere they want, because they are acting on Resolution 687!! Resolution 687, also passed in 1991, mandates Iraq's disarmament and required that Baghdad allow U.N. weapons inspectors into the country to certify it was no longer producing chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. What the US Secretary of War is saying, in other words, is that the fighter-bombers screeching over Iraq are peeking down now and then to look for weapons of mass destruction.

    You may have thought these flights were authorized by the United Nations, people everywhere, but as you can plainly see from Mr. Rumsfeld�s little joke, they are not. Why doesn�t the UN General Assembly pass a resolution saying the US and Brits should stop these illegal flights? It is because the rules of the UN prohibit the General Assembly from acting on matters under the purview of the UN Security Council, which Iraq is, at the moment. Why don�t the other members of the Security Council present a resolution telling the US and UK to cease and desist? Because the US and Brits can veto the resolution. Why bother?"
    Jude Wanniski
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    • very interesting. what many people do not understand is, that for the most part, the bombing of Iraq has never really fully stopped since the Persian Gulf War. a few weeks ago we killed a bunch of civilian Iraqis and claimed it was a military target. we have been doing this a very long time. Ashley Bancroft several weeks ago was in Bagdad FREELY interviewing people and even getting snotty to Saddam. EVERYONE she interviewed said they very much liked American people and had met many in Iraq. it was the government policy towards Iraq that they did not like. we give them every reason to cling to this monster Saddam when we are bombing them and threatening war.

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