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  • lookmil lookmil Feb 10, 2003 4:19 PM Flag

    Dividend Tax ..........

    I believe that the dividend tax cut WILL happen. The ranting and raving by the Democrats is to be expected. But lets take a closer look. The reported numbers of elderly receiving dividends is not to be ignored. Several articles indicate that a vast majority of them are very much in favor of this. Also they remember how Bill Clinton put into effect a tax on their social security. The Dems are playing with fire here. I find it funny that today we hear about a Democratic Stimulus Plan, yes a plan to CUT TAXES. So, lets see who is setting the agenda in Washington. Hint: it ain't the Dems.

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    • BD -

      The link works for me. It is a long report (65 pages). Maybe you didn't wait long enough for it to load, or maybe you don't have Acrobat Reader (go here to download it free).

      It was a joint report of the ABA and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


    • The WH yes. Dems take the Seante back in 04 and the House 2 years later.

    • << Their report found more than 10,000 Kosovar Albanians were killed >>

      your PDF link goes nowhere .

      the UN forensics group has only found 2000+ bodies . there are serbs and albanians in the mix . many were killed by aerial bombardment (hint: you see nothing from 15,000 feet and serbs never launched a plane .

      the UN forensics group in Kosovo has only found 2000+ bodies ........ what did the ABA do wit the missing 8000 they confirmed ?

    • << but 9-11 went on and on and on and was very dramatic..great for television..but there is a limit..ok majorbobo! >>

      such a perfect defining statement of liberals .

      i mean ..... how dare americans fixate on this little tragedy ..... we need to 'get over it' and focus on important things like reparations , global warming , Kyoto ........

    • << Hey BD, what are you going to do when she beats Jeb by 20 points in 08?

      Go to Canada maybe?>>

      looks like e-ball has conceded the next 5 years ?

    • "the point is that when a legit genocide was taking place where millions were slaughtered ,
      willy took a pass ....... when he really needed a war to distract world media from dopey interns under his desk doing unmentionables with fine Cuban cigars (what a waste in many ways:) , he simply made up a genocide ......."

      What's your source? Kosovo was none of our business, but the Europeans as usual couldn't agree on a course of action. Just like WWI/WWII, Korea, etc... Someone had to do something. World opinion wanted it to stop so we stepped in. Rwanda was plain and simple: a poor African nation with nothing to offer. Sad but true. Politics as usual. Iraq is another story. We have a President who wants to avenge his fathers lack of follow-thru. Iraq is NOT an immediate threat. North Korea on the other hand, is. Why not deal with North Korea? Much too messy. But Iraq appears to be an easy victory. What about after we overthrow Saddam? Do you want to be in the business of nation building? I don't. My tax dollars don't. And I certainly don't want American lives wasted just to make somebody's Dad look good. Afganistan/Al Queda should be our #1 priority. Lose focus and you lose the war on terrror.

      BTW, how long have you been in on CMO?

    • Gold,
      You might want to add that we paid good money to get them on our side.

    • Sounds to me like this guy kergoz is way too cavalier with his wrong ideas about America and American lives. I for one don't need his opinion. He's on ignore for me.

    • Well Mr.Kerzog, it sounds like you only listen to one news source, CNN (Clinton News Network) :) Its not only USA and Great Britain who wants Hussein ousted.....what about 16 of the other Europe nations that agree and the other 34 nations around the world. I think the media shows what they want you think is the majority.

    • No BD, no matter how you spin it, the point is you said the Rwanda genocide was taking place concurrent with "doing Willy Clinton's wag the door war against Belgrade after he made up alot of silly lies about an alleged genocide going on over there."

      As far as killings are concerned, is that liberal establishmentthe ABA good enough for you? Their report found more than 10,000 Kosovar Albanians were killed (and perhaps as many as 13,000+). That's just Kosavar Albanians. And that doesn't count deaths among the 800,000 people expelled. Here's the link


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