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  • yando1946 yando1946 Sep 5, 2004 10:02 PM Flag

    Please post on topic

    I have $20 k in NLY. Please take your political arguements to the relevant boards and have the courtesy of not making me wade through irrelvant post after post.

    I post on political topics including Kerry and Bush where it is appropriate. In fact, I have strong feelings on the topic.

    I open this thread because I am hoping to hear from knowledgeable folks who will give me some insight on my investment.
    thank you.

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    • res_severa_est_verum_gaudium res_severa_est_verum_gaudium Sep 6, 2004 10:21 PM Flag

      Fair comments.
      Take a look at Msg: 198182 on the NFI bo [ard. Hhill51 is a guru that has been designated an 'expert' in ceretain court cases. So while I am long NLY, I take Mr HIll seriously, and would like to hear what other longs have to say about the sensitivity of the NLY portfolio to rising rates. [see p.30 of the Q for starters.]

    • Thanks--wasn't thinking. I believe you are right that the Reit's are generally not considered as a dividend for tax purposes and I have mine in an IRA and didn't state that.

    • I believe you both have a degree of reality in your conclusions. REITs are not taxed like other corporations. Approx all REIT profits are passed on to share-holders in the form of dividends. While other corp profits are taxed and then the share-hoders' dividends are taxed again. I understand this double taxation is the rational for taxing these non-REIT dividends at a lower rate. And the REIT dividends at the individuals regular rate.

    • As you say, the fact that corporate profits are taxed is the rationale for lowering the individual's tax rate on "qualified dividends." Actually, over 90% of U S corporations pay less than 5% of their earnings in federal income tax. The new low rate was just a gift to the wealthy minority who collect significant "qualified" dividends....I'm happy to say I'm enjoying my tax break and hope the under classes don't catch on any time soon!

    • Kerry and Bush agree that NLY pays a high dividend. Is that on topic enough?

    • mbbf49a and others, Kerry could have come home and bitched about the way LBJ and his (wiz kids)had slected the targets to be bombed, tieing one hand behind our backs, I'd have no beef with that. But I question his 3 trips to Paris to meet with, some of you might know. Or soon will know.

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