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  • yando1946 yando1946 Sep 29, 2004 12:01 PM Flag

    11.7% return--don't wait too long

    You list genuine concerns.

    The fact that 75% of NLY is in ARMS means that a substantial proportion of their holdings should be able to hold the spread providing the existing divy. They are also largely into AAA. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but I suspect the divvy might hold up or only take a very small hit. They have really great management and they are very nimble as history has demonstrated.

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    • I'm new at posting messages. I appreciate this particular board seems on the up and up. Some are full of drivel and hype.
      My question is where do you obtain serious info on Nly? Where obtain percentage of APRs? etc. Thanks and keep this board as it seems to be. Helpful.

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      • Start with message #1 and separate the wheat from the shaff.

      • In terms of getting serious information you can start by digging around on the Yahoo site and reading profiles, technical analysis, analyst reports--although you usually have to pay for them.

        Goggle the company and you can often find interesting articles and other pieces on the company.

        It is pretty much the old fashioned way for those of us who are not professionals--just a question of how much work you want o put init.

        The fact is there are some folks out there who will do much better than us--and that is why my major holdings are in Bill Miller's funds at Legg Mason. The guy has beaten the S&P 13 years in a row. I am not gong to do better. What is amazing is how many professionals don't even beat the market. So I do about 25% of my money--working hard as an amateur to understand the history of the company. NLY on the face of it is a volatile company--but their quality management has kept the price pretty much swinging in the 16 to 21 range. I buy it long for the dividend only and I am willing to live with the swing. since I
        DRIP it --I perversely even hope for it to go down around divvy time.

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