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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 8:14 AM Flag

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    • One other thing in relation to the charge that you make I am trying to pump up the price--I hardly believe that the posting on this thread, unless it somewhow started a truly false rumor that took off, will in anyway effect the price of much of anything and that false rumor would fall to earth soon enough.

      My posted opinion as a small amateur holder in NLY effecting the price of a stock is laughable.

    • Well, I hope you are correct.
      $16.50 with the current dividend of .50, would yield a handsome 12.1%
      Taking the last 13 quarters into account, NLY makes its quarterly low an average of 18.8 sessions following ex-dividend day.
      I'm in the middle of some math studies and will publish my own entry price right here by Friday.

    • Gee, that was not very nice calling me an idiot. I in fact said it could in fact go lower and everyone had to decide where they wanted to put their buy order in. I really have no need to pump the stock at all, since I am holding it for the long term in my IRA and the fluctuations over the next several years are not of major concern to me, other than deciding if I want to buy some more and when I feel like it has gone low enough. If I have a concern it has more to do with their ability to maintain a healthy dividend for the next 4 to 5 years.

      To those who want to buy some more and hold off till it reaches 16.50 if they are confident it will do that--more power to them and I hope they succeed.

      Civility really seems to be a lost art. I really don't mind you suggesting that it is possible that I have some need to pump up the stock even though that is false--but I would hope we can say these things with out calling each other idiots. Although I guess suggesting I am pumping up the stock for personal gain does somewhat impugn my integrity.

      Just something to think about in terms of how we all communicate with each other. No hard feelings.

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