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  • bosblu bosblu Nov 26, 2009 11:59 AM Flag

    66 billion in mortgatge backed securities?

    when sid says it won't see $19.50 we can pretty much assume it will see $19.50. (anyone remember 'it won't reach $15 before the end of the year'?)she's like cramer: go the other way and your odds improve...this is the perfect enviroment for NLY and will continue to be for some the informed are well aware. Happy Thanksgiving to all...

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    • This stock is moving with the markets...if the Dow drops 250 points on Friday, this stock will also be down 2% just wait and see.

      I told you yesterday that the 2011 puts with $15 strike price are selling for over $2.50 per share...pretty steep premium for a stock headed to $20 don't you think???

      $15 might be too high a price to pay for NLY a year from January....wait and see..... I sold a few for $2.55 but I probably sold too cheap. Dream on about $19.50, and be sure that I will be here to remind you when this is $15 again

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      • Hi Sid,

        I agree with you that its share price is market related. It's a herd mentality here. However the facts remain that this company has been diluting its shares, and this in turn dilutes market value. I looked at this companies number in the second quarter and was avoiding because of the way it reports it financials on edgar to the sec.. It should be classifying it's assets and liabilities into current and long term. It doesn't do this.. So more reason to step back and wait here. Hey guys shoot the messenger if you want but at least read the statements they are reporting.

      • Sid-read my prior post. You did not sell those puts for $2.50

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