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  • yamahacruser yamahacruser Dec 24, 2010 7:21 PM Flag

    New Offering

    With MLPs I have seen new offerings and in a short time the price was right back up there if not higher. This is not an MLP and I notice the price does not move much, so if there is an offering and the price drops to say 15 or around there do you think the price would take many many months if not a year to get back to where it was before?Normally I would not be concerned but the price just does not move much


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    • No one knows the exact impact of a new offering. Besides it is wiser to buy less tham 50% of your investement when you open a postion in any stock. Wait till the market grasps the impact, if the stock goes up you have nothing to coplain, if it goes down evaluate the impact of the offering and then decide.

    • The last time they offered shares was 14 July. NLY closed at 18.25 on 13 July and 17.52 on the 14th.


    • two to three weeks the stock will be near its normal.thats if know major event happens.look at past charts,you will see dips,its a buying opt.kind of a gift(xmas) lol

    • will it snap back sure if mreits and the general market stays strong.

      instead of asking others to answer your question - research yourself.


      look at past offerings in nly and in others in the sector.

      but of course the timing of offering within the divi cycle matters also.

      look at nly past offerings.

      agnc, ivr and cys just had offerings recently.

      look at hts and cim too

      nly, hts and cim have offering risks (agnc, ivr and cys had offerings recently).

      go from there. but hey if the market is down 10 to 20% would the stock recover who knows, probably not, if the market is up 10 to 20% its maybe not that nly is recovering but just moving up with the market.

      so depends on lots of things.

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