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  • jaynekaplannewman jaynekaplannewman Jul 12, 2011 4:34 PM Flag

    Is this move down because they are issuing more shares?

    Thanks, I just wanted to make sure. I own NLY and have read all good things. I juste wanted to make sure. I am still a novice.

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    • Jayne,

      Rip is right on the money. The share price holding steady above the 17.70 price is very bullish for NLY.

      My guess is that with current market conditions, people are flocking to the dividend stocks, plus with the Fed saying they are keeping the rates low...

      If you have any extra cash at this point, it might be a good time to buy more, to ride this post Secondary Offering price back up. IMHO.

      Good Luck to You...

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      • Its actually down because the Brazian women's soccer team lost to the americans . now Brazil will be declaring war on the U.S.
        Since we can't defeat two cameral jockey countries we are in more serious trouble with a spanish speaking enemy.
        1/2 of new citizens are south of the boarder

      • Roc, you also are correct, but understate the situation.

        After the last two spo's the stock closed less than 15 cents above the offering price and recovered a lot of the lost ground in the first week. This time the stock closed 38 cents over.

        Staying above the offering price is pretty standard recently but beating it by 38 cents is very bullish.

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