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  • fountain123_45 fountain123_45 Mar 8, 2012 1:22 PM Flag

    Div anncment delay, I sold

    >>>>>The biggest problem for mREITS is the socialist in the White House, he will ruin mREITS.<<<<<<<

    If President Obama is a socialist why would he have bailed out the BANKS? Republicans count on the Right Wing fools to get their VOTES! When will Gov. Mitt Romney pay more than 14% Taxes on his 23 Million income, when rest pay higher percentage. Besides any one with some sense of fairness TAX carried interest as Ordinary income.

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    • And the Sheeple will wonder what happen to their nice life as they were all in a state of denial as the socialist government stole them blind. The liberal media loves fellas like you who do as they are told and don't question anything they are told. The media said it so it must be true. Good luck sheeple, the easy life your grandparents fought to provide you is about to become history. Nothing is free except stupidity.

    • Obama is a socialist.I unfortunately lived under a communist regime.They will go forward 2 steps then one back.Eventually they take control of everything and the useful idiots help along.When they are done the vast majority of the useful idiots will b eliminated,either physically or any other way.The NEW CLASS will live like kings.

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