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  • gqgerb gqgerb Jul 13, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    just hold on everybody

    if you don't need the money you don't lose a thing until you sell!! i own this thing about 5 years it owes me absolutely nothing. i am averaged in at 15.27. it will get back there it always did. It will again. any comments?

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    • I've used the same strategy with my reit preferreds...In fact, I almost like them to bleed lower at times because I'm always reinvesting the dividends, so I don't mind the lower prices and higher yields. For people that are older, like me, maybe they can understand it's more about cash flows and much less about "price"...And with the preferreds, they can only be called at PAR VALUE anyway, so I never plan on selling, even in dark times....(NRF-C&D are current favorites of mine)

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      • And yeah, I do (recently) own some NLY shares, thru REM. I got back into REM at a 12.09 avg price (incl fees)...Besides NYMT I recently bought, REM is the only other non-preferred I own....I suspect the 15% divvy will drop a bit, as NLY/AGNC did lower their divvy payouts (not yet reflected), but I suppose I just like the added safety of owning "a basket" of common mreits...Won't be as spectacular, if the sector rebounds, but I'll participate - and as I said, ... for me it's ALL ABOUT DIVIDEND CASH FLOWS....and much less about "appreciation"...It's a difficult concept to grasp, unless you're over 60!! I don't expect too many people to ascribe to my methods/views. But good luck to NLY shareholders, of which I'm an indirect way (smile).

    • great soon as most sell for a loss it will move higher. always seems to work like that. people need to relax soon as the big boys are done loading up. we will move much higher.

    • right on , correct thinking , I am with you , now all we have to do is
      convince the fools out there to get on board and stop playing games
      and starting panic attacks !

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • I'm on your respective sides. Right now today I know nothing other than rumors, opinions, and talking heads on TV. I'm staying put. Great statement lost nothing until we sell.

        I have got to think NLY Management has the experience to carry this forward. For goodness sake it is what a 10+ year old stock?

        I'm staying put in mind it the one speculative stock I own.

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