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  • pctn25x pctn25x Jan 29, 2014 2:26 PM Flag

    When Obama Socialism Creates Greater Income Inequality...


    ... then a true socialist will propose to close the Income Inequality gap with... you guessed it... More Socialism!

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    • Great job! Let the money work for us.

    • What would Jesus do?

    • Even the record of the only Republican president that pukes even ADMIT TO (according to Republican lore, Hoover, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. never existed), Reagan the Racist, has been propagandized into complete fiction.

      Example, the unemployment rate today after 5 years of Obama is 6.6%.

      What would you suppose the unemployment rate was at the end of Reagan's SIXTH year?

      Would you believe 6.6%?

      Amazingly, Republicans ask 'where are the jobs" when it comes to Obama's 6.6% (after 5 years, I'm sure he will handliy beat Reagan's number by the end of this, his sixth year) while at the same time hailing Reagan's 6.6% after six years as the "Reagan Miracle".

      EVERYTHING that pukes claim about themselves is FICTION.

      Every economic collapse this country has witnissed has been because the pukes got majority control. Hoover, Nixon, and Bush Jr. were absolute NIGHTMARES. tHAT IS A WHOPPING 43% OF PUKE PRESIDENTS over the last 90 years that have resided over TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSES. And the years of a forth, Bush Sr., were really bad also. That makes an enormous 57% of puke presidents over the last 90 years that resided over bad/collapsed economies. Does anyone actually think that is a coincidence?

      To think that a bunch of ignorant racists actually have some kind of idiot savant ability on the economy is a JOKE. Economically, the pukes haven't moved past the plantation economy mentality of the Old South. Its all about preservation of inherited wealth and exploitation of the average man. The conservative dominated areas of this country are the absolute dregs

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      • It will be settled in November. Buy some Prep H for your impending butt hurt.

      • Talk about an igorant, deluded low-information voter. I don't have the time to educate you so welcome to my "Ignore" list! How's the Labor Participation rate under Barry? How did that stimulus work out with all of the "shovel-ready jobs"? At least Solyndra (Obama supporter) got $535,000,000 of our tax dollars before going belly up. This administration is all about lies, corruption and furthering their political agenda, no matter who it hurts. How are Blacks doing under Obama? I just heard that food stamps for our military have doubled under Barry. Welfare is are down. The lemmings just follow Barry blindly over the cliff. I supposed you think Obamacare is working out great, too!

      • Actual unemployment is 10+%. Everyone knows this because they don't count the many who dropped off the welfare rolls, etc...

        Newsflash for you lib democon......poverty in America has balloned and the middleclass is shrinking big time........collage grads and many others can't find work and the welfare rolls are at an all time high.

        Now stop making a fool of yourself lib democon, You prove the point and validate the democon parties reputation of being "dumbed down".

      • fool

      • hippogriff Feb 11, 2014 11:31 PM Flag

        Dems have the "you'll never be good enough to leave the plantation mentality." They just love that stuff. The day people say they don't want gov. handouts because of make believe racism is the day their opinion will count for something. Until then, you're on a plantation forever. I'll concede that both parties are trash and liberal democracy is too.

      • Paid my house, car and credit cards off maxed my Roth as a hard working Conservative. Now it's time to quit my job and live off the other people. The less I work the more I get. Unemployment, Food Stamps and ACA Medicaid no (deductible) it's free why should I work? My new job is wining and complaining until I get more free stuff. I;m now a Government employee and don't have to work. Raise the debt limit and send me more free stuff.

    • The more taxes Obama piles onto corporations and wealthy americans, the more they take their investment capital overseas to escape those taxes... investment capital that is VITALLY needed here in the U.S. to build business and employ americans.

      The more social programs Obama heaps onto low income americans, the more dependent they become, and the less inclined they are to seek a job and start to close the gap between the poor and the wealthy.

      The CBO just announced that 2 million jobs will disappear because people will not take them out of concern for losing their Obamacare subsidies.

      A mother of 2 in New Jersey eligible for $46,000 a year in government aid would lose 80 cents in benefits for every dollar she earned if she went out and started working...

      ... That's an 80% marginal tax bracket, Virginia... why would she EVER choose to work.

      We're Greece, people... we just haven't seen our s**t hit the FAN yet.

    • I love it, put more money in the hands of the people who can't manage what they have so the rich will get even more of their money and the gap widens still.

    • How stupid are you???

      Please figure out what Socialism is before you start running your mouth....Oh yea, sound bites sound good, but your ignorance does not make your statement true

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