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  • richmondinvestor richmondinvestor Feb 19, 2004 5:55 PM Flag


    I am not going to pump PNNX or against it, but to anwer your question...there are no offices of PNNX, or operations remaining of PNNX. The new company is Showcase Foods and it is owned by Smithfield Foods. You are right,...juries could decide anything, especially in PA. However, that is all PNNX has right now is a lawsuuit by the PNNX shareholders. What I had heard is that the PNNX suit consists of "allegations that the board meeting notes had been changed" and that Smithfield intentionally led the Company into bankruptcy which on the face of the allegation sound mighty stupid to me...and that is all I have to say about that.

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    • My guess is that their law firm took the case on a contingency basis. Relatively low effort, high reward. << Smithfield intentionally led the Company into bankruptcy >>. Sounds like they shouldn't have been running a business. They'll need to wheel Grandma into court dressed in rags to get jury sympathy on this one.