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  • cantgthrtondirt cantgthrtondirt Aug 5, 2010 11:43 AM Flag

    thousands upon thousands of cattle dying because of hot and cold extremes in us and argentina

    My SFD bonds are paying 7.8%, who needs the common?
    They aren't going to default before 10-2013 imo. A buyout would assume the debt. Keep jaw-boning while I get cash every 6 months.($400)

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    • Hey Canty

      Jaw boning. That's a good one. So what has myself and T Riv ever said on here that is distanced from reality?? That they are laced in humungo debt by the billions?? Not paying dividends on common stock? Profits little to "Redsville" quarter after quarter over the past few years? Never made it ot 40-60 as all the predictions said it would years ago? Answer that one for the board and us.

      Yeah, you'll get paid on those bonds as long as they are not defaulted on & Smitty has the funds to pay for them before they exhaust their cash and/or short term assets. With as much debt service they have on loans and paying off bond interest, I wouldn't get too cocky there Canty. Remember, your bonds are on the balance sheet on the liability side of the "T" account and recognized as a liability. I believe bonds and stockhoilders equity fall under "Long Term Liability/Debt", same kind of liability, differtent class.