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  • carnivalkane carnivalkane May 20, 1998 2:44 PM Flag

    The SEC Filings

    Parts taken from two different

    One filing says:

    In the November 25, 1997
    filing, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels stated that they "would
    support a sale of the Company at an appropriate premium
    over the current market prices for its shares as being
    in the stockholders' best interests," and that they
    expected to speak to others about the possible sale of the
    Company. Mr. Daniels also stated that he intended "to
    nominate a candidate for election to the Company's Board
    of Directors at the next annual meeting who supports
    Mr. Daniels' position regarding sale of the Company
    at a premium price."

    Another filing

    Mr. Daniels intends to nominate Mr. Stanzler and to
    vote his shares in favor of Mr. Stanzler's election at
    the 1998 Annual Meeting of Shareholders ("Meeting").
    Upon Mr. Stanzler's election to the Issuer's Board,
    Mr. Daniels and Mr. Stanzler intend to investigate
    alternatives to enhance shareholder value, including the
    possible sale of the Issuer at a premium to the current
    market price. Until such investigation is completed, the
    Reporting Persons cannot determine whether a sale at an
    appropriate price would be attainable.

    Mr. Daniels
    has, from time to time, expressed to the other
    directors his dissatisfaction with the performance of the
    Company's chief executive officer, and he intends to
    continue to evaluate such performance and recommend to the
    board such changes as he deems appropriate.

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    • Some turkey from S&P is recomending the stock. I guess what you you and I know doesnt account for anything since the stock is up today. Ill hold for a few days and see where we go.

    • I'll buy today and sell tomorrow while you ponder
      what the institutions will do. These guys are good for
      nothing low life selling scum who have no faith in
      anything. The only reason they are holding this stock is
      because they know its a good one and they don't have the
      balls to double up on a winning bet, so screw them for
      selling in the first place. They can all get out now for
      all I care.

    • Listen here, Chumley:
      The low volume is
      indicative of the money manager's willingness to "go out on
      a limb" with PSDI. Institutional ownership was well
      above 70% before the last quarter's earnings were
      released. These guys are scared, and, rightfully so...of a
      company that has inconsistent earnings. Incidentally, the
      stock just hit 20 1/4. I'll reaffirm that this stock is
      going to 19 before we'll see 26...I just hope she holds
      at that support level.

    • This is what Tiger Tornado looks for when he trades. A good company with a little unreasonable doubt. Maybe Jeramiah Jump would buy this stock. But why is the volume so low Mr. Whoopee?

    • You sound like a rat, Facrat. What do you know about Project Software anyway? Our company is a great place to work and we have great potential for growth. You sound like a disgruntled analyst to me

    • I wouldn't be surprised to see the stock decline
      to 20 or below by the end of the week. The 200 day
      moving average don't mean sh*t when the volume is this
      low. Since earnings aren't due out until the middle of
      July, this stock could easily drift down-as I stated
      earlier. Let's consider 2nd quarter earnings report for a
      second. Service margins, which accounted for the highest
      percentage of revenues, declined 4% over the December
      quarter. DSO's are too high at 83 days and, with the
      shakeup in management, I'd be skeptical on the short
      term. Don't get me wrong...I like the company and think
      it's a good long-term hold. However, this market is
      playing "survival of the fittest" and PSDI is still under
      the "fallen from the good graces of Wall Street"

    • Tenessee Tuxedo will not fail.. 20-21 will be
      support when I buy the stock..a rising bottom. Selling at
      the 200 day moving average is not unusual.. Hold out
      and get 35 from Honeywell.. Thanks for the info Mr.

    • Tennessee Tuxedo will not fail--support at 20-21
      would be a rising bottom..Sales at the 200 day moving
      average are not uncommon..however, if you want to hold
      out for ever you can probably get 35 for your shares
      when honeywell buys you out.. Thanks for the in

    • Yo, brainiac! There ain't no support at the 20-21
      level...there isn't even any volume to suggest it. Go back to
      school and take statistics 101. Better yet, pay a little
      more attention before running your mouth off

    • I want to make money every day, how about the 50 moving average--around 22.5-23 or the 200 day average around 24.25... support around 20-21.. Take it or leave it

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