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  • lm_1998 lm_1998 Aug 25, 1998 3:38 PM Flag

    What's with PSDI lately??

    Does anyone know why this stock is doing so
    poorly? I've seen it yo-yo but never this low. It seems
    that all the numbers that PSDI puts out would make
    this stock increase in value not decrease. Any

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    • Generally, when a company shows strong
      fundamentals and the stock declines steadily there is bad news
      leaking out to the insiders. 16 was touched today - low
      for the year, when the numbers indicate it should be
      near the high for the year. The smell test is showing
      something is wrong!

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      • You guys might be right that something is wrong
        and the bad news will eventually become public.
        However, almost every stock getting clobbered these days.
        I have tons of stocks I follow that have turned
        things around and are down 80%+ from 52 week highs.
        Others such as FEET that had a blowout quarter wtih no
        Asian exposure and are down 50% in the past month.
        Consider yourselves lucky PSDI hasn't dropped further. I
        think I once bought it around 12 or so around April


      • Yes the smell test is in.. Software stocks in
        general smell bad. Technology moves so fast its tough to
        stay on top. PSDI is in a bad down trend with little
        support at the moment, however tomorrow may be a
        different story. It seems to me that short sellers dont
        care what they short as long as there is a down trend.
        If PSDI is doing well there should be a rally, but
        the past for this stock as been questionable. Sorry I
        dont have your answer.