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  • stugots2000 stugots2000 Oct 29, 1999 1:17 AM Flag


    This company is always tight lipped. The new is always after the move. Be careful

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    • Sounds like you've been following this company
      for a while. If so, what are your concerns? All I've
      been hearing from a few employees, is that they can't
      fine enough money to invest in PSDI stock. Not much
      negative, mostly all positive. Very positive in fact. Do
      you know something we don't? Are you buying, holding
      or selling? Thanks for your input.
      Best of luck.

      • 2 Replies to hooya487
      • or is the question what's not. Since the company
        doesn't say much, the only thing that is talking to us is
        the chart. And it doesn't have anything nice to say.
        I keep asking myself who is doing the selling
        before the report. Granted that the volume is not high,
        it rarely is, but it has been coming late in the
        day. Is it an institution and why?
        Those folks at
        PSDI who can't find enough money to invest seem to
        have an easier job of it every day. I don't like what
        I see happening here, been there before. The recent
        reiteration and price target by Robt.Stevens now seems like a
        set up. It was fun on the way up though. Now have to
        decide what to do before Thursday. Seems like a shame to
        throw it in after waiting so long!

      • This is what happens-- it happened to me before, it just seens the news comes too late to save you. I got out at 25 on the way up, way to early, but now who knows.