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  • longhorninchicago longhorninchicago Oct 26, 2011 5:16 PM Flag

    GREAT report

    Aside from tepid YOY top-line growth, I'm really happy with the Q3 report. They've turned the corner to profitability and have added Walmart as a client. They've cut operating expenses YOY by 23% yet increased revenue marginally.

    I should also note there is absolutely NO mention of losing eBay as a customer.

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    • Yea, no mention. The supposed contract expiration date was posted here, and it was after 3Q. So can't have happened officially yet since the expiration date isn't here yet, right?

      Screw officially. I want actuality. The characterization of the issue as sounding like a nasty rumor or somesuch... I know rumor was in there... well that's certainly less than a direct denial.

      Dunno. Reading these peoples stuff is like readint the stuff put out be eautoclaims. You were there. You know.

      But the "new" ebay board system is obsolete stuff, looks like state of the art a dozen years ago. NOTHING like LW has ever done. Just doesn't look like their work.

    • fwiw, a/r seemed high. are they having trouble collecting?
      i emailed them asking why no p.r., i suggest everyone do the same.

    • it was ok but they don't file. if they did file, then you could get excited by the following:
      and why no p.r? that seems very suspicious to me. like they don't want public scrutiny.

      2 major customers for customer social media are ebay and walmart.
      yearly rev. should be $8mill, market cap around $2mill
      backlog $5.3mill
      if they earn .01 in q4 then P.E. would be 3 based on current share price of .06
      then .06 seems low.
      but you can't verify their numbers. or can you?