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  • bbkingagain bbkingagain May 24, 2012 11:55 AM Flag


    No one would be unhappy if you were right but $.90 is over 500% from where we are sitting currenty - and we have just been the beneficiaries of some significant "positive" surprises. I just don't see any way the stock is going to have support up to anything close to a buck.

    We can even get to $.20 on the current "good news."

    Nonetheless - hope you are right, and I'd would love to be embarrassed all the way to ?? infinity and beyond!

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    • bbk
      dream killer!!! :)

      bottom line, lvwd has been around since what, 1999, and has lots of contacts, worldwide. good or bad.
      i imagine those contacts are watching and as you can see from the facebook developer p.r., and any p.r. with social media or facebook in it ends up in a lot of mailboxes.

      they're doing better than facebook right now!!

      i know they know how to do IR, pre-recession they were issuing an avg 1 P.R./month, it's just a matter of when.

      from my experience, it takes 3-4 qtrs of profitability and growing revenues plus GUIDANCE - and then it's usually blastoff. that is in a normal market.

      until then, would luv to see something addressed to investors on their website, like a 5 year revenue target, and a seperate investor page. prospective investors kind of like to see that stuff.