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  • ifly1158 ifly1158 Mar 28, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    L5 Exception Revealed.

    Right to the point here, and it is this. In Order to "Qualify" under L5 Ownership Exception "The Debt must have been owned 18 months prior to filing And Must Have Been Acquired as an ORDINARY COURSE OF DOING BUSINESS. The Debt to get over the +50% threshold was well more then half of the debt owned in total by the Committee....And that Threshold Debit ( which still not amount to 50%+) was Acquired in a Rush as GS and Paulson had already started their short positions...So the debt was not Acquired AS AN ORDINARY COURSE OF BUSINESS for the purpose of writing new policies, or NORMAL COURSE OF BUSINESS But Rather the CREDITORS WERE BUYING DISTRESSED DEBIT WHICH IS EXPRESSLY DISQUALIFIED...This Is Easily Correlated to The Rise In Policy Claims And Common Stock Declines coincident to The Acquisition of Debt, In other words The Creditors Were Buying DISTRESSED DEBT ALL THE WAY UP THEIR STAKE HOLDINGS...THAT IS A DISQUALIFYER.

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