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  • igoriao igoriao Dec 16, 2009 2:37 PM Flag

    Please tell us the NEGATIVE things here!

    Please, somebody, anybody please tell us the NEGATIVE things about this stock! We are open to listening to what you have to say that is NEGATIVE about this stock. BE SPECIFIC!

    WE only see a lot of positive things here, cash position of company, good cancer drug pre-clinical drug trial results, low float, great high potential revenue possible in the future, insiders and mutual funds/institutions holding millions of shares, NDA filing soon, etc.

    BE SPECIFIC with any negative things about this stock.

    Many drug stocks were priced very low and moved up much higher so why can't this stock also based on many positive things?

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    • butchismo420 Nov 13, 2011 7:14 PM Flag

      stay away from stocks like GNBT,CVM,RXPC,GNTA and ANX..thats all ya need to know sonnyboy..ask tjobe09..he;s done at this point.MUHHHWWHHHHAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

    • Because it's a scam.Nothing new in yesterdays
      CC. That's why its going down again. No brainer
      imo.Not one product in 10 years, no revenue,
      nada, zero.This will not go higher then 0,18.
      Look what happened to Co-Factor and you see
      that history is about to repeat.

    • Yeah sure so many negative things here then why don't you list all of them for us?

      You will tell us to read this or that but just list a few negative things if that is not too much to ask.

      Better yet go .....

    • 1. The company excells at printing shares. ANX the new MCD billions and billions served.

      2. Almost ten years and no FDA approvals

      3. No major partnerships ever completed

      4. Company is a Hail Marry with 100% downside risk.

    • CEO Interview: ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Brian M. Culley

      TWST: You recently announced a stock sale that will prove you with about $11.3 million. Would you tell us about that?

      Mr. Culley: This was our fourth financing since June, the other three were much smaller. With this latest round, we believe we have the funds to get us deep into 2010 and through an important milestone - the FDA decision on ANX-530. So via this financing, we have eliminated a substantial amount of financing risk, which is something that investors are paying a lot of attention to. And being able to raise capital on four separate occasions in a difficult market reflects positively on our strategy, our product candidates and our core formulation technology.

      TWST: How would you like to see the company evolve over the next couple of years?

      Mr. Culley: We're strongly committed to creating value for ADVENTRX stockholders. That might mean we will be acquired or will remain as an independent business, and we will make those determinations as we grow, but we will always make the decision that we believe maximizes our value on a risk-adjusted basis. We know that focusing on products that are desired by patients and doctors will naturally create a high-value company, so we are open-minded as to the ultimate outcome. We have and will continue to entertain credible discussions concerning partnering and acquisition, but in the meantime we will move forward on the regulatory and commercial plan I've described and build the business with both long- and short-term value in mind.

      TWST: What makes ADVENTRX a good investment?

      Mr. Culley: As investors begin to return to the micro-cap markets, I think that ADVENTRX offers them a lower-risk regulatory path, shorter timelines to major value-creating events and hopefully a good return on their investment. Our shares are widely held with significant trading volume and within a complex biotech space; we have an easy-to-understand story. I also think that much of our success next year will be driven by execution rather than by clinical risk. So as investors look at the health care sector, ADVENTRX is well poised to offer a comfortable place to make an investment in what is still a time of considerable uncertainty.

    • You know what, thats a really good question. I can't dig up anything negative on this stock and I would like everyone to do their dd and try to find something. I hope I never find anything, but still, its odd not to have a huge overload of debt somewhere, a ceo with a questionable past, or a tremendous share float etc...this has the making something really special imo.

    • Yeah it's .14....

      • 1 Reply to billbfitt
      • CTIC was .07 last March and went to 2 dollars and is still over 1 dollar with a 600 million share float compared to ANX float of 150 million shares and what does CTIC have?

        Because a DRUG stock is 15 cents does not mean it can't move a lot higher.

        HGSI was 45 cents this year and recently closed at 29 dollars.

        VNDA was 55 cents and went to 16 dollars and is still over 10 dollars.

        HEB, NEPH, ONTY, JAZZ. CVM, INO, and many other drug stocks were the same share price where ANX is now and all moved up some to 8 dollars and some to 3 dollars from 15 cents in a few weeks and most have held all their gains!!!

        Being low priced and a drug stock is not a NEGATIVE thing!

        SNSS (cancer drug stock) went from 29 cents to $2.43 in a few days recently.

    • Bad thinks is r/s

      Could be bad if FDA denied NDA