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  • octaviansfera octaviansfera Dec 17, 2009 8:39 PM Flag

    Post Your Prediction by end of January 2010

    What will pps be for ANX? My guess is 1.96

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    • O.k..... If anyone here has traded in penny stocks for years like I have you would know that when a stock like this trades with such heavy volume for an extended period of time with a low float (relatively speaking), at a certain point the price per share does not trade up or down in the 1-2 cent range but instead it startes to trade up or down 2-3 cents, and then 4-5 cents up or gets to critical mass where the price starts to spike either way. Based on that fact of trading, I think the share price could very fast run from current level to .25-.35 range (within a week or so). If an NDA is filed, I think that could bring the price up over .75 on it's way to a buck within a couple of weeks from now. By end of January, with fundamentals in mind, I could see the share price being over $2. easily.

      All in my opinion.

      Good luck to all here.


    • There are no revs for years to come. Nothing. What are you talking about 1.96. There will be some hype over the NDAs, but then the sell off. They need millions of dollars to do the studies, but FDA approval is needed first just to get started. Your head is up where the sun dont shine.

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      • Here is where you lack foresight sfe306. The CEO stated just the other day that it costs only around $10 million to bring one of their drugs to market following their unique business model. Once anx 530 is close to being approved the company will likely do a direct offering for more funding should 530 not be approved. They won't need much in funding at that point to get 514 to market, considering they've already done half the safety and bioequivalence now. So what millions of dollars are you talking about?? you obviously don't know what you're talking about in regards to ANX. I've done enough research to know that. Your head is up your A$$.

      • Oh my prediction: .20

    • W.A.G.
      1.12 Jan 2010.
      If we get lucky, and one of the drugs hits and we don't get bought out...
      28.52 Jan 2011.

    • If we get coverage from biomedreports or seeking alpha, it'll be over 1.00. If not, I'd expect .40-50....jmho

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      • I like jwc's figures.. i think it is the most realistic ones..

        They were talking about moving to nasdaq and doing some sort of reverse split at one point.. but i think 40 cents to 50 cents a share (currently) is fairly doable.. Assuming only good news.

        I think if the company targets 1.10 cents in the a year.. i think 40 cents is reasonable.. and considering going over 1$ in may after the patent expires..

    • 1.60......................

0.733-0.0100(-1.35%)Mar 8 3:59 PMEST