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  • simonzita74 simonzita74 Dec 19, 2009 6:17 PM Flag

    Everybody Looks At Us Like We Are Anx Misfits


    No matter what board you go to,Nothing but horrible things to say about our stock.
    They make me fell like i'm holding a piece of garbage,almost like the world is a diamond and by holding this i'm a cheap shoe
    Honest to god everbody thinks this is a scam or a nothing!
    I almost feel like shoothing myself
    Long 29,0000 shares

    This topic is deleted.
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    • This post is the biggest piece of crap....some basher trying to scare others into selling. 29,000 shares!!!! That's a big position. try over 140,000 shares as i am holding. The stock will be breaking out in the coming days regardless of what is said on this board. It will break out because of the fundamentals of the company...not becasue of any newsletter tout or even what is said on a message board.

      If you don't like what you are hearing and seeing then sell and move on. Otherwise, take your basher talk and move on.

      Get a life.


    • misfits was a good band

    • Dont beat yourself up, but sell soon. It's not a scam. Im sure what we hear will happen as far as the NDA and the Korean pharma. The only problem is that ANX has no intrinsic value and it is over-priced. Think of it this way: if what they had was so great, big money would have jumped all over this. But it hasn't. Thus, ANX has not proved itself, and they need 30 million dollars to complete the study. The money will come from shareholders through dilution. They dont have money to do clinicals. I was not convinced when I heard during the CC that they had enough money through 2010. Also during the CC, the dude said everything investors wanted to hear, except detailed medical information. I am playing momemtum only. My orders are in for .08, .09, and .10. Then I will sell in 5 minutes. Remember this, the naked shorts want to fill at .08. They will sell shares to do it. These dudes are pros. We are little retail investors.