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  • pepotelargote pepotelargote Oct 1, 2010 10:32 AM Flag, WTF is ANX waiting for...

    4th quarter begins today, 12 month data for 530 was ready two weeks ago and it was supposed to be the only thing missing for the NDA....So, WTF are they doing Culley and his two employees???

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    • Ive been with Anx for about a year now, haven't been on this chatroom for a while since it gained popularity.

      I don't know why but they usually post their NDA last day of the year. i don't know if its to avoid the huge increase in stock price under the 2010 calender year or they have their own reasons To be honest they had nothing better to do all of 2010 then to prepare their NDAs and just wait for their trial results. i believe they said end of 4th quarter in their press release.

    • Your guess is as good as mine. I assumed that nothing would have to be changed from the last NDA filing but the addition of the 12 month data. I figured they would've had everything else ready to roll, but then again we are talking about Brian "we dotted our i's and crossed our t's" Culley here. The same guy who told us the last NDA was a basically a sure thing.

      I really think that if this company was run by anyone else we would all be rich be now. Whew, deep breath, deep breath. Ok, i'm good, I'm trying to do my best to not complain about Culley anymore. I just pray he doesn't screw this up. If I get burned by this company again I will never give it another chance.

      We all just have to be patient. If they said 4th quarter that could be anytime between today and the last day of December, so we don't have any choice but to wait and sit on our hands.

    • Maybe preparing an NDA is kinda a big deal for 2 employees. I bet it's a big deal even for 200 employees. You're a pretty impatient guy. Your ulcers must be intolerable.