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  • ecwtully369 ecwtully369 Oct 1, 2010 10:54 AM Flag, WTF is ANX waiting for...

    I guess the key points is, Culley said the NDA would be reusbmitted sometime in the 4Q. no exact date was given. so patience is our enemy right now.

    what do you think of the price dipping under $2 for a minute there???

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    • I'm not really concerned with the price dipping. With the total lack of volume in either direction, it looks like we have set a floor around the $1.98 level, this is were we will stay without some kind of catalyst, like news, etc.

      If anything, I personally wanted it to pull back further in the meantime, so I could add more without averaging up in a big way. I hate averaging up. But at this point, the only people buying are those of us in the know about the NDA coming up soon. To the rest of the world this stock is still in the FDA news deadzone. And the only people selling are daytraders looking for a quick minor percentage flip and shorts.

      I'll tell you guys what though, if Culley truly does wait until the end of the year to file, we are going to be in for a looooong and boring 3 months. I'm crossing my fingers that it happens in the next couple weeks. I just can't wrap my head around what could possible take so long.

    • Just added @ $2.01