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  • nismoalti nismoalti Nov 3, 2010 1:24 PM Flag

    So I have to ask...

    Where are all of the $13 and up pumpers who said this thing would fly to the moon on a simple NDA submittal?

    I notice Quick has been very quite today aside from his normal tin foil hat postings. Well not counting his many other pumper aliases which he has been going off with.

    Just seems awfully quite around here, considering this was supposed to be the big day.

    Heck this has even taken me by surprise. I guessed it would go to about $2.60-2.80 on resubmission, instead this pig is red. I'm very glad I sold when I did to secure my profits. Looks like the run up was the run from $1.50ish to here. I shouldn't have bought back in, I'm sitting right at break even now, do i sell? Or I could hold and hope for a pump and dump.

    Oh decisions, decisions.

    What do all the pumpers think, Tjobe, all4fun, sprngfldman, Quickpumper? Where are you guys? You guys promised us fortunes when the NDA got submitted, instead this pig is red. Kind of funny how you guys are all quite as a mouse on the big day.

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    • butchismo420 Jan 27, 2012 10:42 PM Flag


    • I am disappointed in the closing PPS but really didn't expect much on the is the NDA acceptance/pdufa date where the move should come...and then hopefully approval

      inherently there is no value in an NDA filing, it is the acceptance of that filing where things get interesting...

      I debated selling it all at 2.20 today to buy it back later but decided against it...I missed an opportunity.

    • It was not a good day to resubmit the NDA. The day after a election? And one as big as it was that saw a major upset to the dems? The market is very uncertain today, and any freakin' idiot would know that! But no, not Culley! Fire his butt!

    • oh nothing, just having some fun, take it easy, and stop taking advise from messae boards.

      (What do all the pumpers think, Tjobe, all4fun, sprngfldman, Quickpumper? Where are you guys? You guys promised us fortunes when the NDA got submitted, instead this pig is red. Kind of funny how you guys are all quite as a mouse on the big day.)

    • Or else what exactly?

    • if you sold why are you here??? why waste your time posting commits on a stock you no longer own? loser!

    • this is kind of like when you play an away game in football and you score 3 unanswered touchdowns against the home really gets quiet...quickly....:) (no pun intended btw...)

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      • It's amazing to me how furious the pumping was until about 10:30 and it became apparent it wasn't going anywhere but down.

        These pumpers are flat out crooks. They want YOUR money folks, they have huge bags they need to unload from the last time ANX ran up. Most of these guys bought in at a post split equivalent of between $7-$13. They want out and they want out bad, they will say whatever is needed to convince you to buy.

        All you need to do is go back and look at ANXieties long history of failure and you will realize why the PPS is going in reverse right now. The investment community doesn't trust this company, and with good reason. I'm leaning really hard towards selling right now and never looking back. We might see a heavy pullback in the next few days.

        Alot of people bought this turd in the past couple months thinking there would be a pop today. Many people are looking at this with incredible disappointment. I'm going to sell and come back later I think.

    • not sure where they are.....i have to say.....if it was to go to $13, it should have had more of a run up the past couple of days as we approached it did last year in December....that didn't happen so it should have been obvious that wasn't going to happen again....I think its going to take FDA APPROVAL this time to get this to jumpstart.....perhaps, it will spike some on news of acceptance....maybe back to $5 and would be interesting to see if it held there......anyway, I think digusted traders are getting out today that is why its trading below yesterdays close......and may continue to drop for about a month until we get closer to FDA news about acceptance....still a great investment if you have patience.... :)

    • I was not expecting a run-up based on the NDA resubmission. It was pretty much given. It was going to be non eventful.

      I am about break-even as well, but I am holding at least for now until possibly late December 2010 and then I will reevaluate to determine whether to sell or hold or buy.

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      • BTW. The $1.50 to $2.10 runup was that a correction. It dipped down from $2.00 mainly because of incorrect filing for Carl Icahn and company. They thought he dumped all his shares, when in fact, it was just reflecting the reverse split.

        I think it was 3.5 mm+ shares outstanding adjusted with reverse split of ~140,000 shares.

        One of Icahn soldiers is on the ANX board currently. Seems odd, since Icahn will never recover his buy-in price of ~$60/share.