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  • sprfldmann84 sprfldmann84 Jan 7, 2011 6:59 PM Flag

    NEVER Fall in Love with a Stock

    That was my mistake for too long with ANX
    I tied up 7g's for too long

    I sold for a loss of 3g's at $3.50
    But could easily buy in again rtight now and have more share than when I started.

    Not interested.
    After years of failure and making wrong stock decisions I believe I am learning "the game" and mastering the two emotions of the stock trader - greed and fear.

    I have made several thousand in the past week with another stock and have invested my ANX funds in this opportiunity as well - already gaining on this money while - those "in love with this stock" have seen their investment dwindle again.

    Do NOT fall in love with one stock - if you love the company so much - TRADE it - sell on the rips - buy on the dips.

    All my friends on this borard over the past year - if you are still here - I am disappointed - not in you - but the copmpany.

    How is what they are doing good for the shareholder?

    Yeah MAYBE they will do something years off - but what about right now? Bills can't be paid and money can't be made based on their current actions.

    Why do they feel it is OK to "F" the shareholders everytime they appear to have good news?

    I loved ANX and didn't want to leave
    My mistake..

    But I know and learned why I am here - to make money - that is the bottom line - I want to make money. Isn't that why YOU are here - investing money? Making money?

    Then this stock should have been sold when it "ripped" based on the news - then if you love them so much - buy back in at the deflated price - that you "knew" was coming?
    That is making money in "today's" market.

    I did this by "saving" the difference between $3.50 and the pathetic price it is now ... $2.50 and dropping.

    How is what they have done good for the shareholders?

    It is NOT - that is the answer
    It is good for those WITHIN the company - for now - MAYBE for the shareholders in the future.

    Hey, here's the deal - Culley just got married - he wants his lovely wife to have a good life - well, that isn't just this year - this is for every year and many years into the future - so I guarantee Culley is going to milk this for as long as he can - at the expense of the shareholder.

    I DID lose money here
    I am out and do NOT want to invest my money again with a company that has "this" type of attitude.


    PS. There are a lot more opportunities out there to make "real" money - look around!

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