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  • bentleyfal99 bentleyfal99 Jun 12, 2012 8:15 AM Flag

    Huge News

    Manufacturing aggreement

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    • butchismo420 Jun 13, 2012 9:45 PM Flag

      If losing money is the business your in..then your do have a better understanding than me.

    • No Butch. I'm a business man and have a deeper understanding than you.


    • butchismo420 Jun 13, 2012 9:22 PM Flag

      Rory..Guys like him want you to forget this companies past..They simply refuse to accept this company hasnt done shareholders any good for the last 10 years..I believe guys like him and TJobe are so far deep in this..they can ony believe the positives and want to hide the negatives..Newbies need to know about this SCAM..I am glad there are those such are yourself who continue to post this CASHcow for the SCAM it truly is..Nothing but rejections and failures...I cabnt wait until 188 is rejected and tossed..then you will hear..Ohh I was here for 514 anyway..Foolish to believe this SCAM will have any drugs approved in this day and age

    • Look at the company's history and tell me you don't think this is no-show.

    • Please... if I in any way have posted anything false in this missive, let me know

      Let's start with SCAM. Please show me the proof. Other wise that is a speculative, false, and misleading statement.


    • Like I said... There may be threads on which Soren posts; however, if you check, you will see I don't (knowingly) respond to him. As I also said, I can not keep up with his ids.

      With regards to Tjobe, I see his facile attempts to defend ANX as so consistenly ludicrous that it is hard not to respond. With him, (or who I percieve to be him by his multiple identities), I respond because, most often, he initiates. Capice?

      Quick, if you want a board which is only populated by "yes-men" about a company, which, in my view, is shamelessly corrupt, you are talking to the wrong guy. Silenced about this scam I shall not be.

      The only way I will retract my opinion is if ANX actually DOES something.

      And with regards to Carl Icahn, he is a sterling example of either shorting his own stock, or, a person who, regardless of his "market stature", got as bamboozled as the rest of the shareholders.

      Please... if I in any way have posted anything false in this missive, let me know.


    • That's not true because you posted on that thread of Sorens and you stay on TJs butt.

      Keep it real.


    • Companies like Forest Labs and Abbott Labs work with Pierre. I see the aggreement as very positive.

    • Actually I'm flying a kite right now.... 8>)

      Soren's comments are unknown to me for the most part. His and Tjobe's multiple id's are on <ignore>. So, I don't comment on his statements more to the fact that they don't show up from my message board settings.

      Granted, new id's get created by these two on a regular basis and it is difficult to keep up with "who-is-who".

      But, "to keep it real", it is as wrong to promote false information about a company whether it be bash-or-pump.

      My postings are opinions based upon YEARS of ANX history. And although they are not pleasant opinions, for those who want to remain sanguin about ANX, they are founded on principle. This company's history speaks for itself. In my opinion, the only time it doesn't, is when one is under the spell of wishful thinking.

    • You counter any thing positive with something negitive. (Keeping it real.) Where are you doing all you can do (keeping it real) when Soren posts head lines such as Adventrx Pharma Shutting Down ! Contiplated... You say nothing. Remember. (Keep it real.)

      Can you fly a kite?


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