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  • wwzg Feb 9, 2013 11:32 PM Flag

    Basic Cash ='s diluted share count from 24 million to over 48 million shares. Basically wortless

    Just look at the history of ANXiety's changes of names and several different snake oils. Basically fundamentally corrupt ANX stock certificates are nothing more than counterfeit money; by which, their "value" is manipulated for the benefit of the con men. ANX will never have a product for market because that is not the purpose of the ANX- machine. Dilution is beyond repair. However... it will be fun to see what new sucker-bait the ANX dream team conjures up for the next crop of chumps. They all know of the dilution and other problems too What ya think ? ANXiety back to .05 cents before the R/S

    Now what about all the name changes?

    Company Notes
    •Formerly=Biokeys Pharmaceuticals, Inc. until 6-03
    •Formerly=BioQuest, Inc. until 10-00
    •Note=3-02 company is in the development stage
    •Formerly=Victoria Enterprises, Inc. until 11-96

    The house of cards will fall the always do! The average investo now too knows of the negitive. Every longs investors has got burned with ANX NO EXCEPTION

    Now with 2 people working for them how can they justify being paid about 3/4 million a year with no profits

    Adventrx cut its workforce to just two employees almost a year ago, after its development of a co-factor drug for treating metastatic colorectal cancer failed. Brian Culley, who is now the company’s CEO,

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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