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  • pincheot pincheot Jul 22, 2010 2:45 AM Flag

    Tomnorrow - 1 Apr 10 - is....

    Why don't you ask the citizens who
    gave us the morons who gave us the
    three trillion dollar wars, the pauperization of the American Workforce, unaffordable housing and
    the worldwide financial collapse.
    Apparently many of you love those
    "Lazy Fairy" economic thinkers and look what happened.

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    • Right pincho! We traded them for Nastional health care - a bankriupt fanny mae and freddie mac (so ALL citizens or not could purchase a houe whither they could afford it or not) and lets not forget what's going to happen to Estate Taxes (called EXTORTION-!),corporate and income taxes and hey! Lets open the doors to the country to everyone/anyone and support them with free (for them) education, health care, welfare and anything else they demand. Why, most of us are only working, tax paying, saving/investing people that support them...and your government!

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