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  • whatilearn1234 whatilearn1234 Mar 7, 2011 2:54 PM Flag

    Normally our eye is black and our heart is red.


    Please don't be the opposite. When you are greedy, your eyes is red and your heart is black.

    Don't short HEV please.

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    • Shorting overpriced stocks is a great way to make money. With HEV, it's very profitable. In addition, shorts actually keep the price from getting even more over hyped and save longs from paying more and seeing even larger losses when the hype ends. You're welcome.

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      • Thank you Kezz for shorting HEV. I appreciate the value in my long pocket.

      • the shorts haven't even begun to feast

        bear in mind .. it's all about % moves ..

        the shorts just love very low priced stocks ....

        when a $1 stock falls to 75 cents . they make a bundle

        a 10 cent stock dips a penny and they get 10% and so
        on ,

        not only that , with a stock like HEV , the shorts
        are dreaming of their Holy Grail .. a BK ..

        i would expect much volitility with HEV for quite some
        time . they are going to need to string a few positive
        quarters before the price gets bid any where signifigant,
        save some miracle contract announcement ..

        don't forget too .. all of that misplaced hoopla about
        rare earth metals being vital to battery makers has to
        be weighing in here ..

        later .. garce

        BTW .. i really like this company , but am sure glad that
        i decided to be patient ... sold SYNM awhile back and
        will use that quid to establish a different position ..
        also bailed on AMSC . i think that HEV has a much better
        inside track ....