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  • Barry_Gordy57 Barry_Gordy57 May 26, 1998 10:22 AM Flag

    Media Vault

    I'm new to this board, but I work in this area,
    and I have recently come across three customers of
    the EDS Media Vault (based on Versant) who threw it
    out because it didnt work.
    Those three customers
    a "large japanese entertainment

    Part of the problem was undoubtedly the Media Vault,
    but there was negative feedback on the Versant
    database. Versant is great conceptually, but two main
    drawbacks are scaleability and performance in real world

    Who does Versant sell to, and where do they do

    Thanks for any enlightenment!

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    • re: We have not heard from dbmical in a while. He
      seemed to have some insight as to the inner workings of

      My family is in town so I've been away
      from the computer... (Their just getting up, but I
      thought I'd surf a second.) ;>

      I'll be back in
      force next week.

    • what this is supposed to mean.

    • A friend of my just started work for Primus,
      supposedly a reference account for VSNT. They threw it out
      because it couldn't scale, was buggy as hell, didn't have
      any real client-side caching, didn't have a
      non-blocking read and wasn't any too fast on anything except
      batch loading of data. Before that he worked on the
      Sheriff project at MCI, also a VSNT account. They were
      having the same problems there too.

      • 2 Replies to GemHarder
      • The Chicago Stock Exchange is using Versant - If
        it didnt work then one of the busiest exchanges
        should be told this. Sounds more like the application
        was written badly and they want a scapegoat. Versant
        is proven in too many companies for one experience
        with one customer to cast doubt on its viability. I
        have used it for a few years and its a top notch
        product that saves hours coding compared to Oracle,
        Informix, DB2 and the like.

      • It is hard to tell why the client had so many
        problems without knowing the application. As for MCI, they
        keep coming back to Versant. They are and have been a
        customer. As for scalability you should browse some of the
        news clips, like the one about the SABRE product by
        Air France. As for bugs try any one of Informix,
        Sybase, Poet, ... and tell me what choice the customer
        really has. Also, sometimes the problem is the customer.
        They take on huge projects without having a team that
        understands the issues. They pin themselves into an
        architectural corner, fail and blame it on the database. I
        don't know what the Media Vault project is, but if they
        were storing large binary objects in the database,
        without any kind of optimization (at an architecture
        level) they would fail. But this is easy to see for a DB
        person and hard to see for a Multi-Media person. Did
        they have their design checked?

    • Hello Barry Gordy,

      Could you shed some
      light on what you mean by "I work in this area" and "I
      have recently come across".

      Also, what do you
      mean by real world applications? I can not imagine
      Oracle RDBMS or something else to try to do the same
      thing as Media Vault.

      I think Media Vault is not
      a real world application, but technically on the
      *cutting* edge of technology.