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  • CoffeeWHORE CoffeeWHORE Aug 14, 1998 11:29 AM Flag

    Lets settle down...

    Ok everybody, I'm sure everyone here who has
    invested with Versant has high stress levels, is
    frustrated, feels ripped off, is disgusted, and would like to
    take it out on anybody. But lets settle down, were all
    share holders, and theres no sense on yelling at each
    other. We'll either have to take the loss, or wait it

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    • We are in agreement.

    • jpharoah...
      If you are arguing that Unix as a
      computing platform is more stable than NT. I generally have
      no disagreement with you. But then that says nothing
      really about Microsoft's ability to develop an ODBMS
      that would be not only very competitive (after the 3rd
      release) but would more than likely become the dominant
      ODBMS on NT by virtue of their "inside knowledge" of
      the platform and corporations wanting to go with "a
      total Microsoft solution" -- OS, tools, databases,
      applications, etc.

      NT is the fastest growing (adopted)
      platform. Regardless of your arguments about platform
      stability. That is a fact, verified by all the market
      research firms (IDC, Dataquest, etc.)

      The bottom
      line is that Microsoft sees no need to come into this
      paltry market at this time.

      In addition, it is
      not often the best product that wins, but the best
      marketing... you need not look farther than Oracle to see that
      that is true.

    • Count, thank you for taking the time and adding
      value to this board. Your obsevations about the
      immaturity displayed here are accurate. I am not a
      technician and would appreciate your continued input. Your
      insite is valuable to an investor like myself.

    • My horse is no taller than anyone elses. Perhaps
      the dust has settled around it and my view is just a
      little clearer.

      I have been a Versant
      shareholder from time to time and still maintain a very small
      position in one of my portfolios.

    • You've got some good insight in your posts. I respect that.

      Having said that, I've got to say that you must have a terrific view sitting on that very high horse.

    • Even though it's only money, and alot at that,
      I'm thinking of jumping ship and trying to recoup
      elsewhere. IT just seems to keep going and going and going
      (like the bunny)down. ANy suggestions or insights as
      towhat's next for VSNT?

      • 2 Replies to ironron999
      • In my opinion, it's all about earnings. Nick
        promised break even by Q3 or Q4 and I think VSNT's near
        term (1 year) will rely on Nick's ability to meet his
        promise. Also, by Q4 the "He's new and needs time for the
        effects of changes to take place" excuse will no longer
        apply. For these reasons I think Q3 and Q4 are very
        important to VSNT. Your guess is as good as mine as to
        whether the news will be good or bad.

      • I lost a lot of money on this stock too and it's
        a depressing sight to watch the chart go down every
        day. From what I can tell, the company is not run
        well. If I am wrong here, please feel free to correct
        me but back it up with examples of how the
        management is doing a good job.

        In addition, this
        technology looks like it could be replaced in a couple of
        years. Or maybe I should say, this particular version of
        the technology could be replaced. WindowsNT is the
        wave of the future, like it or not (and I am not
        particularly happy about it because I think MSFT is a
        predatory company without ethics; if you'd like my views on
        that, ask me but I don't want to get into it in this
        message). WindowsNT servers can be run with as many as 32
        Pentium Pro processor chips, making them as powerful as
        any database server. MSFT is working on its own
        version of an OODBM and you can be sure that it will work
        with NT better than any competitors' software. It
        won't happen overnight, but NT will probably supplant
        other operating systems that run database software.
        That will make other data base management software

        Apart from the technology, I think Versant is in a very
        precarious position financially. I used to think it could be
        a potential takeover target. At this point, I don't
        think it is. Who'd want a company that has nothing to

        In short, I think VSNT has only one way to go: down.
        My apologies to all of you who are holding this
        stock. I don't want to ruin your day, but I don't see
        anything positive in this company's future. And apparently
        the management doesn't either. If they did, they'd be
        buying VSNT stock at these low prices to fill their own

        You'll have to make your own decision, but I made the
        decision sometime ago to take my lumps and get out. I
        highly recommend thatyou have an exit strategy when you
        go into a stock. I bought VSNT with high hopes that
        it would recover. But it didn't. It made a very
        brief rally and then turned down and kept going down.
        Going in, I should have set a point at which I would be
        willing to take a loss and get out. Without an exit
        strategy, I kept hoping for a recovery. Meanwhile the stock
        kept going down.